The site seeks to create an exciting venue for like-minded people to meet and not be taken too seriously.

Be Naughty is a large, easy-to-use site for users who want short-term hookups only, and it is not a fit for those seeking long-term relationships.

Not that this means anything, but I'm fairly certain that she's friends with Tegan and Sara, as she's most certainly friends with Mae Whitman who is friends with them.

Be Naughty is a fun and engaging site that has a lot to offer those looking for a good time.I couldn't relate to any of the homogeneous dating sites that permeated the net back then. The difference being is that now I am married and working and am no longer in law school. I just don't have the time to give hippie Personals the attention, promotion and moderation that it deserves. Be is a fun, casual dating site made for those looking specifically for hookups.Search options include browsing through profiles by interest, zip code, photos and more.

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