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She always suspected that underneath all their religiosity and cultural stuff, Somali guys like Jamal Abdullahi were real freaks.Religious guys were the biggest freaks, Mistress Shana knew this long before she got into BDSM...The tall, curvy and dark-skinned gal in the red dress was in a class by herself...

The big and tall, dark-skinned and burly Somali American looked so damn good in a bright red speedo with a black leather mask hiding his handsome face.

Mistress Shana wasn't like the other female dominants, and she was damn proud of herself for that.

The gorgeous dominatrix, originally from the island of Saint Lucia, had been living in the City of Ottawa, Ontario, for eleven years.

As that rare black dominatrix who liked the brothers, Mistress Shana was in a unique position to 'help a brother out,' as they say...

As Mistress Shana watched Jamal suck Braxton's dick with gusto, she smiled wickedly, seeing how far he'd come.

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