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It is also what you feel for your family, close friends and that intangible wish to ‘do good’ in a world that needs so much.

This kind of love is one that a humanitarian aid worker has felt again and again.

A knight in shining armour, and a princess in a castle? Just like how it feels when you understand that Santa isn’t real, the realisation eventually comes that finding love cannot be conjured up with a wand.

Finding love it is a stroke of luck, chemistry, timing, space and situational awareness.

Someone who shares your need to do good, and wiling to travel the world to do so?

This love plays with you as you get older, and at a certain stage you can stand in the middle of chaos and love that – yet feel so alone as you have no-one special to share it with.

Statistically speaking the chances to find love ought to increase with each passport control you pass – however, it would seem that this complicates matters.

In an ordinary world, you go out, meet someone, have a date, and make plans for a second date.

If you work in aid, safety/security makes the going out less easy, and you often resort to hanging out with the same crowd you work with.

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