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"My style is to get to the situation quickly with the least amount of sessions & expense.

The first couple of sessions are weekly and then you and I decide on the frequency.

Or maybe you need to make some big life decisions and don't know where to start.""Are you stressed to the breaking point at school or work?

Or maybe you need to make some big life decisions and don't know where to start.""Why seek psychotherapy?

Are you feeling uncomfortable in your relationships, misunderstood, overwhelmed, helpless, depressed, or anxious, and unable to fulfill your needs and desires?

"The sex was not one believes me." "I can't believe everyone can have a baby but me." "I know my eating patterns need to be changed." Drawing on my 35 years of practice with individuals, couples, and families, I can help you more quickly develop insights into established patterns of thinking and behavior that reinforce these problems.""People come to me for therapy because: "I am miserable every morning and need a good reason to just get up." "I spend more time online than I do with actual people." " I wish I had more quality relationships.

Finding the right therapist is often a matter of "fit." I don't believe that I know what is right for you.

I believe something in you knows what is right for you, and that it is my job to help us listen for that inner knowing.

Do you struggle in relationships with your children?

Many life stressors result in a person needing to talk with someone with a deep understanding of people. With 30 years experience in counseling I have learned the importance of working WITH clients, listening deeply and empathically to their perceptions, meanings, understandings and emotions.

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