Intimidating a witness bail amount

During the five-hour blackout, Yogi started to panic and attacked Gregory.

Miles felt a pistol beneath his feet and threw it at the bailiff, hoping to stop him from possibly killing his father.

The insanity plea, however, ruined his reputation, with his fiancee committing suicide shortly after the incident.

The truth will always find a way to make itself known. During his first four years as a prosecutor, he had a perfect win record in trials owing to his willingness to do just about anything to get a guilty verdict for the defendant.Yogi was subsequently put on trial, with Robert Hammond defending him.However, Yogi feigned temporary insanity and got a not guilty verdict.He got his chance when, during the trial of Mack Rell, the defendant accused the prosecutor, Byrne Faraday, of being the Great Thief Yatagarasu and ordering him to murder Deid Mann, the victim in the case.Edgeworth was scheduled to replace Faraday due to conflict of interest on Faraday's part, but before Edgeworth could begin his trial, both Faraday and Rell were killed during the recess.

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