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Ms Kennedy quizzed one of the police officers about whether or not the wardens were allowed in her shop and was told to look it up online.Lisa said: 'I asked one of the officers whether they were allowed in my shop and if I can ask them to leave.For a cheap part of the animal, these are very pricey though.Whenever a major tragedy occurs, the fringe conspiracy theorists are usually somewhere close behind.This kind of thing gets wheeled out a lot at parties and there’s a reason for it: everyone likes them.They are a bit too heavy on the pastry, but the sweet and spicy fillings can just about cope with it.And with some chains charging as much as £1 per canape, it’s hard to know which is worth your money.Unfortunately, the trend for ever more fancy finger food means that a significant amount of shop bought canapes now need rather a lot of fiddling and faffing about with - when actually it's probably cheaper, tastier and no less convenient to assemble your own smoked salmon cream cheese blini or mini slider, for example.

This is a bumper box of frozen Oriental party bites - there’s spring rolls, wontons and a prawn moneybag.

Some believe the government staged the shooting, or don't believe it happened at all.

Matejka at first attempted to engage with the theorists and respond to their hateful comments, but eventually he gave up and deleted all of his social media accounts.

The chicken itself was mediocre, but they looked nice and the satay sauce was really tasty. Booths Ribblesdale Goats Cheese Tartlets with Cherry Compote & Hazelnut Sprinkles (left) .

Iceland's Luxury Mini Coquilles St Jacques (right) were the best of the lot, scoring a whopping 29 out of 30 marks These looked lovely, with a fine layer of crisp batter – though I’d say calling them actual tempura would be a push – and the prawns are big and fat.

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