Intimidating last names

Normally you would not see such a strong military presence at a prayer ceremony.This shows the fears of the authorities about the self-immolations and protests.

Let's take a glance at the top 40 intimidating players in NFL history.This trend, demonstrating a spirit of strong resilience and determination to express Tibetan religious identity, is documented in these images of Tibetans gathering on the evening of the Ganden Ngachoe, which fell this year on December 12.The festival is marked in Gelug monasteries across Tibet and this year in Kham and Amdo at the same time as in central Tibet.A Tibetan source told Radio Free Asia’s Tibetan service that at Rongwo in Rebkong, large numbers of devotees gathered to make offerings and circumambulate the temples.“As evening approached, those taking part offered not only butter lamps inside and outside the temples, but also electric lights inside the prayer halls, a practice that is becoming more and more popular in observance of Tsongkhapa’s day,” he said.

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