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The Democratic advantage is even bigger among women with college degrees.

These women would rather see Democrats than Republicans lead Congress by 32 percentage points, 62% to 30%, far larger than the party’s edge among these women in the past two midterm years, the latest Journal/NBC News survey found.

We are facing some challenging times but together we can get through it. It starts off in the opposite direction, running down all these year-end pieces about Donald Trump's foreign policy achievements and finding that he's a savvy player who's been underestimated.

It's enough to make you take up drinking lighter fluid.

With the two parties now at about parity among men, the Democrats’ big advantage among college-educated women helps account for the party’s 11-point lead among Americans overall in the last Journal/NBC News survey, conducted Dec. Republican leaders in Congress have said that while next year’s elections could be challenging, they believe the strong economy and the just-enacted tax bill will win over voters.

C., said she had long considered herself a Republican and fiscal conservative, though she didn’t vote for Donald Trump last year.

Now, she wants Democrats to take control of Congress. “I don’t know where the party is going to from here, but they are going to have to do a lot to get me back,” said Ms.

In this #Metoo moment, one hopes that the Democratic party understands the significance of this shift and does not follow the lead of the media and treat the white working class male as the only voter that matters.

I'm not sure why we seem to be obsessed with this faction but if the Democrats fail to embrace their base of people of color and this new shift of college educated women in order to prove their hardscrabble, rural, white, blue collar bonafides, it will be a huge error. Trump is out saying that he's going to pass a big infrastructure bill with the help of Democrats who will be grateful to work with him on something they both want.

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