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“The more I get to know her the more I’m like, ‘Okay, how old am I?’ I know the first day I went into makeup and hair, I was so panicked that I was gonna look like some kind of witch.Recently, I sat down to speak with Van Peebles, Anderson and Guy about the series, why they were inspired to dive into the genre, and why it was so important to tell these types of stories.“Some of the folks at Syfy had identified that there was big unserved demographic of folks that were interested in seeing more multicultural reflections of Americana in these horrors/thriller spaces,” Van Peebles explained about the series conception.

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They'll go with us now because we've established this as our reality.” Guy’s character Aunt Nancy – a reiteration of the infamous Anansi the spider appears a few episodes into the series, and she isn’t exactly a welcome visitor to the Hasting family home.

Despite all the odds working against them, this actually changed the show into a hit and altered the formula from being a mere spin-off to an entity of its own.

, celebrated filmmaker Mario Van Peebles is changing the landscape.

Aunt Nancy may actually be stirring up even more drama for them.

“My character is very interesting,” Guy proclaimed.

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