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They then formed the famous Jonas Brothers band and their second album was a major success and made them celebrity overnight.

They dated for more than a year and it was in Miley’s book Miles To Go where she revealed about their relationship between 2006 to 2007.After breaking up with Miley, Nick was quick to get hold of another Disney starlet Selena Gomez. The spotlight was on the power couple when they acted together for Jonas Brothers’ music video “Burning Up”.In 2009, it was reported that Nick started dating Jordon, another Disney star, after breaking up with Selena Gomez.They looked so compatible and they were rumors that they got engaged. They had two years of relationship and just when everyone thought that the cute couple would get married in 2015, they split up shockingly.There are various rumors about their breakup where it is said that Demi Lovato asked Nick to dump her was she was cheating on him and other sources say that Olivia dumped him for his links with various other girls that were floating on the news.

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