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MILFs may seem like a woman you might actually run into in the real world—someone who is perhaps more attainable.According to Ley, “That’s a powerful fantasy and excitement—for men who want to fantasize about sex with a realistic person, rather than a pneumatic doll.” It is somewhat surprising, then, that “MILF” is the term that stuck for describing this genre of porn.In MILF porn, women were often depicted as employers, teachers, and judges, while men were often depicted as employees, students, and bailiffs.Part of the appeal of the MILF may reside, therefore, in the fact that a lot of guys are simply turned on by a woman who is powerful.Whether the women in these videos are actually moms seems irrelevant, as are the viewers’ feelings about their own mothers.Indeed, MILF porn isn’t really about moms per se—it’s about real women who are comfortable and confident with their bodies and sexuality and aren’t afraid to show it.For some of these men, their growing attraction to MILFs may be a reflection of the changing gender structure in the workplace, in which women today hold more positions of power than ever before.In other cases, MILFs may be fulfilling a deeper desire for submission, a fairly common male sexual fantasy.

In addition, in pornos where the characters’ profession was part of the plotline (e.g., supervisor/employee), not one of the women in the teen videos had a higher status job than her male partner, whereas 83 per cent of the MILFs had more status than their partners.MILF Guy #2 (looking at a picture of Stifler’s mom): “Dude, that chick’s a MILF! Most boys eventually get over this, he claimed, but only when they realize that daddy will castrate them if they keep competing for mommy’s affection.Could it be that attraction to MILFs stems from some unresolved or repressed Oedipal desires among a large number of porn consumers? The Oedipus complex was first proposed nearly a century ago and, since then, very little scientific support has been found for this idea.Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition © William Collins Sons & Co. Anyone who’s casually browsed porn sites has probably seen “MILF videos” at some point, listed among the countless niches available.

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