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While in university, he was the president of AIESEC. I love it because I love road trips and travel a lot. You know there are many beautiful girls who aren’t smart? The announcement Wednesday by Mr Igathe appeared to have been an abrupt change of mind after the company had stated that he would stay at the company’s corner office until the August 8 General Election.

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Interviewer: Which part of your career journey have you enjoyed the most? Interviewer: What have you learnt in your career so far? But eventually you win because at the end of the day, how many beds do I need? In a staff memo, Mr Igathe revealed he had spoken to Christian Chammas, group CEO of Vivo Energy about his political ambitions.After a year-and-a-half, Polycarp Igathe came back to Kenya and got hired by Coca- Cola where he worked until 2000. Interviewer: What are you struggling with at your age? Interviewer: Cathy seems to be quite something, eh? It can no longer be left in the hands of people who have no clue,” said Mr Igathe at the Jubilee party headquarters in Nairobi.He then joined Africa Online as a sales and marketing manager before joining Kenya Breweries Limited as sales operations manager and then as marketing manager. Polycarp Igathe: I think I’m struggling with the kind of legacy I will leave for my kids… Our national manners have eroded so much over time. There are no regulations that compel private sector workers to quit their jobs to join politics.Catherine Igathe serves in various committees at AIG which include Diversity & Inclusion and Executive Development Council. Interviewer: What special thing have you done for her? I think giving her babies is the most fantastic thing I have done for her. They always say that’s the guy who pays to run on the golf course instead of playing golf, which I’m hopeless at. Polycarp Igathe: Making quality time in the rush of life, making sure I keep dating Cathy every day. I introduce her as “my life” and so making sure that I spend time with her is paramount, which means no late evening meetings. Polycarp Igathe: Bought her a brand new car, and taken her along to dream trips and hey, I have given her three fantastic babies! Interviewer: Last time I met you, a few years back, you were quite heavy. Polycarp Igathe: It’s funny you should say that because I have lost 20kgs. Polycarp Igathe: Oh yes, I can’t also seem to avoid ugali, matumbo and sukuma wiki.

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