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" During an "In the Year 2000" sketch, O'Brien, Andy/Guest, as well as band member Richie "La Bamba" Rosenberg, each wears a black robe, futuristic-looking collar and hold a lit flashlight to their face.

Between La Bamba's high falsetto wails of "In the year 2000...", O'Brien and Andy/Guest alternate delivering jokes, often based on current events, in the form of humorous predictions of what will happen in the year 2000.

The open to the sketch included narration by William Shatner and, on one occasion, George Takei.

In this sketch, Conan has supposedly sent out questionnaires to celebrities and he reads their replies.

In one sketch, the damsel did not end up with Conando but rather Mario Lopez.

Conan awards members of the studio audience for various talents.

The sketch is renamed "In the Year 3000", with the black robe (referred to as a 'ratty smock' by Richter) being replaced with a more futuristic-looking outfit consisting of a large metallic collar with a series of blinking lights, which Conan said were very expensive to make and Andy said smelled bad.

Appearing on Tonight June 3, 2009, it was the first Late Night sketch to be carried over to The Tonight Show.

Take a look at our favorite jokes, then vote for yours at opinion.Take a look at our favorite jokes from last night's late-night lineup, then vote for yours at opinion.The late-night comics on Clinton's return to the campaign trail and the ongoing delay of Trump releasing his tax returns.Conando (Conan with a fake mustache) is the hero of the piece, fighting mild villains to save the beautiful damsel in distress, usually from an abusive boyfriend or entering into a forced marriage, in most episodes.Each episode features a dramatic entrance, to which the villains bewilderedly ask "¿Conando? " and to which Conan even more wildly replies "¡Si! " In almost every sketch, Conando defenestrates the villains, making extensive use of stock footage.

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