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These contact points are established by all EU Member States, typically in electronic form but also in the form of physical offices located in different regions of the country.

Entrepreneurs and enterprises can use these portals to get detailed information about conducting business abroad and on completing administrative formalities concerning the establishment of a business or a cross-border provision of services.

The first version of the knowledge base was delivered to PSC staff in 2013, and most life situations were listed on the country’s main web portal: https://ugyintezes.

A dedicated portal ( is available for the training required by state employees.

Authentication is based on a login name and a password, which remains valid for two years. After confirming the registration via e-mail, Client Gate can be used for the administration of personal affairs and communication with authorities.

Certain administrative procedures can be administered entirely online via Client Gate (e.g.

The pillar of digital economy comprises the development of the information and communication technology (ICT) sector in the narrower sense, electronic (commercial, bank, etc.) services, and corporate information technology (IT) systems, as well as the stimulation of research and development (R&D) and innovation activities.

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It is the government’s intention that every household should have Internet access of at least 30 Mbps and at least half of all households should have access to100Mbps or faster by 2018.An important step towards a less bureaucratic public administration in Hungary was the establishment of the system of physical points of single contact in January 2011. In the autumn of 2015, there will be around 300 physical PSCs in Hungary, with the majority located in railway stations or post offices.The physical PSC makes it easier for citizens to personally administer their affairs and draws on the electronic solutions available through the central electronic PSC portal.Users of the https://portal can also seek help using a special phone line and an email support system, which operate 24/7.They can ask specific questions and expect to receive answers, which enhances the transparency and credibility of the government.

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