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Remember - if the promises of high wages for making simple craft items sound too good to be true, then they probably are!

Appliqué covers a wide range of crafts, but basically means applying pieces of fabric, embroidery, or other material onto fabric to create a pattern, design or picture.

Embroidery skills can be used to personalise gift items, or to embellish simple clothes and give them a unique look.

There are lots of resources online for the home embroiderer which cover sewing tips, techniques and 'how to' videos.

You could also consider selling kits of parts for projects - either buy the kits wholesale or buy the parts and make into a kit yourself.

Selling is easy via e Bay and similiar online stores.

Doing hand craft work from home can be enjoyable and can make you money - especially if you find a gap in the market.

Look at who's in the market already and study your competitors. Or would a combination of everything be the best approach?

There are plenty of classes in this traditional craft, and there are also lots of resources on the web, including videos on technique and design.

appliqué help Embroidery can be used for decorating cushions, clothes and soft furnishings, with a popular earner being adding value to plain items with the addition of appliqué or embroidered designs.

Cushions, quilts, door stops and draft excluders all lend themselves to decoration with appliqué.

Appliqué can be by hand sewing or by using a modern embroidery machine.

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