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It’s become harder and harder to obtain trace minerals from the foods we eat due to the lack of nutrient-rich soil.However, trace minerals are still abundant in our planet’s seas and oceans, from which we get a variety of sea salts. Helps Avoid Dehydration and Balance Fluids Here’s how sodium works within the body: Essentially, water follows salt, which means if you increase sodium too much, water retention also occurs.All salts (even table salt) originate from a sea or salty body of water, but not all salts on the market today actually come from the oceans in existence today. Salts that are not sea salt are derived from underground salt deposits left behind by seawater at some point.Sea salt is a type of salt produced from the evaporation of current seawater.If you have low stomach acid, it can seriously throw off your digestive system.

If you don’t get enough salt in your diet, it can lead to your body not producing enough hydrochloric acid (HCL) in your stomach.Sodium and potassium are two electrolytes that work together to ensure that there is proper fluid balance in your body’s cells as well as your blood plasma and extracellular fluid. Excellent Electrolyte Source The minimal processing of unrefined sea salt enables it to retain much of its natural mineral content.Sea can contains many of the major electrolytes, like sodium, magnesium, calcium and potassium, that are absolutely essential to good health.In the case of Himalayan sea salt, the number is said to be 84.Either way, sea salts are a great source of minerals.

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