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When the series returns this week, his character Ric Dalby will be one of the longest running on the show.

It is, Furze is the first to admit, a slightly surreal state of affairs and one he never dreamed would happen.

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"I know it doesn't really comply with the timeslot but anything with action is just the best to shoot.

"Stunts are a lot of fun, a lot more challenging than just sitting in the studio and luckily with Ric being the character he is, I imagine there will be a lot more of that kind of stuff to come.

It makes us feel like we're getting a sneak peek of something super secret, even if there are some other folks out there getting that same sneak peek. I've resolved this year to do my personal best to review every movie that is sent to us in screener form.

That's probably going to be a tall order, because there are always screeners, but I'm going to try my damnedest.

What does raise an alarm however, is all of the witchy stuff in the basement, including a massive, satanic-looking mural on the wall, and notes from the previous owner detailing demonic possession, and basically letting whomever is reading them now know that "they're coming" and everyone is screwed. When Zach suddenly begins to walk and talk on his own, everyone is shocked, and Emily is thrilled to have her brother back in good health...When he arrived at Summer Bay, Ric had (so his backstory would have us believe) just been expelled from the nearby Yabby Creek High.Since then he's had differences of opinion or just plain fist fights with a score of Summer Bay locals and drifters, he's managed to annoy most of the regular characters and after one particularly violent encounter even wound up in jail facing a murder charge. "If it was up to me it'd be fight scenes every week," Furze said.The students are then fighting to survive as their predictions start coming true.My name is Michele and I am a college student studying Media Studies and Production with a double minor in Art and Journalism.

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