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The bottom line is that this section of the site is here to allow you the free expression to let your minds run wild. I left the car in the park and ride and took the slow lurching bus ride into town sitting upstairs by the front window.It was a cold brisk Wednesday morning, I checked into our usual motel at , as usual I was early. Room key and overnight bag in hand, I headed towards the room, swiping in and as usual leaving the door ajar. So under my Mac, was a leather corset and crotchless knickers. It was so good to have an afternoon away from Tom and the monsters.One thing we always fantasised about is dogging, but even though it seemed to excite us both I never once thou… I am 41 years old and it is just over four years since I had my vasectomy, My wife Kate and I discussed the idea and I agreed that it would be the most sensible form of birth control for the two of us, Kate had been on the pill since the birth of our second son thirteen years ago and with the health scares about prolonged use I thought that it was my time to take control. It took over 30 minutes of chatting to Olive to convince her we should go to Diane’s room.We had an interview with a doctor and a few weeks later I had the op. Olive put up some real serious arguments as to why she didn’t want to and how she’d be seen by the women she worked with if they found out she had.When Wendy husband wasn't on the night shift, I use to go around early in the morning before my work as her husband would be doing the mornin… I was keen to make sure that the success of sharing Sally was not just luck and also wanted to start getting her used to being shared more often.We had chatted a length about the evening with Brian.Txt me back to say they was going for a meal then to the pictures, going out at 5 enjoy I txt back . The fateful night was six years ago on our 20 year anniversary when I was 41.Now my mind was working overtime house to myself chance to dress and accom ,, mmmmmm got to take this opportunity. The kids were at my folks for the night and hubby had taken me out to an upscale restaurant for dinner and wine in a city centre hotel, and then to the bar for drinks and dancing before we went up to our room for 'fun'. A couple of years after we married Emma and I went to Yorkshire for a short holiday.

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I told her that as with any situation, no one could force her to do something she didn’t want to and with me there I certainly wouldn’t either try to get her to do something or let someone else do some… I an working offshore out of Den helder , my flight got me into Amsterdam early so i thought i would do a bit of sight seeing and of course the red light district drew me to it like a moth to light.She thought Tom could help her find work, he had lots of contacts even though was semi retired. Some weeks later I was browsing SH , when I noticed a message in my inbox . I was so excited to make contact again and quickly read on.She said Eric and her were planning a party for a few friends at their studio … My wife Linda and I have enjoyed swinging with couples over the past ten years.This section of Swinging Heaven is a place where you can tell all about your swinging and/or dogging escapades!Or why not give us all one of your erotic fantasies to read?!

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