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Content therefore must appeal to all and leads to the brand very much being one of family and a collective.

It covers a lot of issues to do with pastoral care (they have a 24/7 resident counsellor on request) but also has a lovely warmth and togetherness that comes from its presenters, as well as the humour and fun they and the regular contributing journalists bring to add great value to the show.

June 2017 at our great hosts Instinctif Partners, we were lucky enough to have TV royalty closing the show.

Martin Frizell, now Editor of ITV’s daytime mainstay powerhouse This Morning, has seen it all, so we were delighted to welcome him to give his view into the working of one of the nations most revered and loved shows.

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In today’s shifting broadcast landscape, the main thing that has struck Martin is how This Morning is no longer a linear 2 hour show every week day with the average viewer a 53 year old house wife.

These days, it’s a full 24/7 service that has to cater for ages, genders and geographical areas. Martin stressed that whilst the show itself is still obviously the main focus, they have seen an incredible rise in consumption of material through social platforms such as You Tube, Twitter and Facebook.

Should you have information that conflicts with anything shown please make us aware by email.

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You must be commended on their excellence in service and in support.

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