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The city of Santa Monica has been fighting to shut down the general aviation airport — long a favorite of celebrities and business leaders — contending it is unsafe, noisy and pollutes nearby neighborhoods with potentially harmful aircraft exhaust.Aviation interests and the Federal Aviation Administration have opposed the city, stating the airport must stay open at least until 2023, if not in perpetuity, under federal agreements dating to the end of World War II, when the facility was used by the military.The agreement between the FAA and Santa Monica ends years of litigation and ensures that control of the 227-acre airport will be returned to the city and its residents.“This a historic day for Santa Monica,” Mayor Ted Winterer said.“The FAA has finally and categorically said that we can do whatever we want with our land at the end of 2028.

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He won 48.6 percent of the vote and enjoyed a 65 percent approval rating early on; there were policy victories and a wide re-election margin.

Schwarzenegger also couldn’t help but point out that the gym has ‘Pumping Iron’ playing on the big screen “24 hours a day,” giving him a look at the “before and after” of his workouts.

Capping decades of legal battles and protests, federal and local officials announced an settlement Saturday to close Santa Monica Airport in 2028 and immediately shorten the runway to limit jet flights.

"I watched an episode on Jesse James last night," he says.

Schwarzenegger will tell you that some men are born to lead and that others are born merely to follow, but even in the former category, there is a pecking order: He gestures toward the west side of the room, where bronze busts of Abraham Lincoln, John F. Set a few feet to the east is a bust of Vladimir Lenin.

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