Nasty chat lines

Too much sets a dangerous benchmark that our neighbours will resent; too little establishes […] If you live in an apartment, sooner or later you are going to want to complain.

Whether it’s about the noise from next door, or the smoke from the barbie down below or the cretin who continually parks in your parking spot “because you weren’t using it” you will inevitably want to have a word […] Did you know we are a whole new tribe, we flat-dwellers?

I prefer movies to TV shows because I don’t like interruptions (After the 7th senior incontinence commercial, I lose the plot and the mood). Looking coy and slightly embarrassed when your phone goes off during someone’s wedding vows is only slightly less rude than actually answering it and getting up to leave the service, with an audible whisper, “I’m sorry, but I’ve got to take this.” If you’re that busy and important, skip the service and send a card.

Just when I thought I was going to get to 2018 without mentioning Airbnb again, the Privy Council in London goes and stuffs things up – but in a good way.

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But of all the changes we see cell phones making in our culture (including the apocalyptic demise of grammar and spelling), one of the most significant is that we’ve somehow come to expect 24-hour availability from anyone on our speed dial list. My phone has sailed out the window, been tossed down the hall, and one time, thrown under my car. I crack myself up), in which case we’re going back into the bedroom until we get it right. Social etiquette sites don’t address this one, so I’ll call you back when I’m done, okay?

In the old days (yeah, anything before 2005), people would leave messages on answering machines and wait patiently for a return call that evening, or even the next day.

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Too often, a great thought is working it’s way into a post, but irretrievably vaporizes after a 10-minute phone chat about where to meet for lunch. Nasty Needle is filling in the exotic bloom on your left breast, which now looks less like a Bird of Paradise and more like a really long party favor.

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As other posts on this website (and this story in the SMH) reveal, Law Lords in the UK have unanimously ruled that a residential-only […] Here’s a question for everyone who is getting their teeshirts in a twist over flammable cladding: Would you give up having barbecues on your balconies if it meant you didn’t have to pay tens of thousands of dollars to replace the nasty stuff on your apartment block walls?

If our state governments say all they […] DR Cathy Sherry of the Law department of UNSW was quoted in the Privy Council findings.

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