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As mentioned, Frink (1994) presented a "calibration" of OCRdate with a correlation coefficient of 99 percent. A crisis occurs when a new idea appears, and it becomes necessary to declare that the new idea is obviously false.

For a parameter with 7 independent variables plus the fitting factor (constant), all of which have at least some errors, this assertion seems far-fetched. The "scientific gaffe" of daring to compare the new OCR Carbon-Dating procedure to the established 14 Carbon-Dating procedure is such a case.

However, in order to determine a useful age equation, as eqn. For example, as anthropologists, we may expect that any given human will have the physiological and behavioral characteristics that are considered normal with variability described by a small margin of error, even though the sum of the inherent errors of the billions of individual cells in that person would express an extremely large margin of error.

1 purports to be, we need to understand how these variables relate to the object of this exercise, the age of the sample. The soil system, as modeled by the OCR Carbon-Dating procedure, is a complex dynamic system in which the errors of the parts are mollified by their interactions.

Frink's calibration curve on 93 soils from North American sites extends to over 10,000 years before present. Fractionation of the organic carbons into humins and fluvic and humic acids prior to analysis, as suggested by Killick et al., is unwarranted.

We are asked to agree that mean current annual temperature (in F! The analysis portrays the behavior of the humic material, as a whole, within the dynamic soil system.

OCR is claimed to have been calibrated against radiocarbon and historically dated features, from which an equation relating OCR to calendar age (see below) has been derived. These two procedures are commonly used in soil analysis to characterize the organic carbon content in agricultural soils.

S Burr Oxidizable Carbon Ratio (OCR) dating is claimed by its inventor to be "an independent dating procedure. The extent of these changes is measured by the Oxidizable Carbon Ratio, which is defined as the ratio of organic carbon determined by a wet oxidation procedure to total organic carbon, as measured by a low-temperature loss on ignition procedure (Frink 1992, 1994, 1995, 1997). Black 1935 An Examination of the Degtjareff Method for Determining Soil Organic Matter, and a Proposed Modification of the Chromic Acid Titration Method. In graduate school, I analyzed archaeological soil features using various soil analytic techniques including the Ball, Loss-on-Ignition, and Walkley-Black wet oxidation procedures.

A regression line has been fitted to the 93 points plotted , and a correlation coefficient of .99 is claimed for the data. The contention that the OCR Carbon-Dating procedure "departs in significant aspects from long established empirical laws governing all chemical reaction" (Killick et al.), is based on a narrow, and biased, concept of science that is founded exclusively on systems at or near equilibrium and governed only by entropic processes.

How can potential users of OCR decide whether the method is sufficiently accurate and precise for their needs? Such a world can be legitimately viewed through the reductionist approach, describing the behavior of individual particles, and through a holistic approach, describing the collective behavior of the interdependent parts composing a system.

The only evidence provided for the accuracy of the method in Frink's published papers (Frink 1992, 1994, 1995, 1997) or on the OCR Web site is a single graphical plot of "calculated OCR date" against "calibrated 14 radiometric or documented age for cultural features". Becker-Heidemann 1996 Radiocarbon Dating of Soils: Contribution by Bonn and Hamburg. However, one approach cannot be used as the criterion for judging the validity of the other.

Second, these 7 independent variables are in themselves questionable. The system behaves as a whole, as if it were the site of long-range forces.

We assume that Frink (1994) derived this equation from a purely statistical parametrization of a number of different possible variables. In spite of the fact that interactions among molecules do not exceed a range of some 10 cm, the system is structured as though each molecule were 'informed' about the overall state of the system." In this informed condition, inherent errors of the parts are either accentuated through positive feedback or mollified through negative feedback. Stengers 1984 Order Out of Chaos: Man's New Dialogue with Nature.

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