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nematodes and cestodes) and external parasites, and must kill ticks and fleas on contact (not rely on them biting the cat/dog).Check our table of acceptable parasite treatments for use in preparing cats and dogs for export to Australia. If you want to use an unlisted product, contact us first to check that it will be appropriate.We recommend that you take this information to your registered veterinarian to ensure your cat or dog meets all requirements.During your vet check, the registered veterinarian must perform all required tests and complete and sign our mandatory health certificate.You can dive in crystalline waters, star gaze and be amazed and golfers will find the local 9-hole course a beautiful one to play.

Some animals may require additional treatments started at an earlier date.Your cat must be fully vaccinated, according to the manufacturer’s directions, against Feline enteritis.The vaccination must be current when the cat is brought into Norfolk Island.Some treatments your vet must perform are required for all cats and dogs, including parasite treatments.Parasite treatment must be effective against internal (e.g.

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