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In my opinions, Seo family isn't a good brought-up family.2 of his children, elder son-Seo Ji Tae and twin sister, Seo Ji An are the samples and same genes as their father.Difference countries have different policies, so don't take it so serious.This is only drama and I rate this drama 5/10 because average storylines and acting skills.

one might argue that she's stubborn as well, she doesn't want to listen to explanations, etc.considering what i realized, that's her hurt self talking. well, give the writers time, they'll come around lol... Why Park Si Hoo wasn't nominated for the best actor? Why on earth can’t the rich guy use al his money he earned to live on his own?

Most of the actors here are not the one I knew except Park Si Hoo but in here, he doesn't act serious, kinda childish gentleman.

I wonder why Korean family dramas bring a lot of emotions and tensions on viewers?

that's why when she broke down she wailed nobody wants me... But cultural reason have people in perpetual adolescence until their parents are dead.

the only people who showed love or at least making the effort are her bio dad, and ji ho and sometimes cdk. We have 50 years old doing what grandfather says their whole life long.

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