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There’s a real risk here for MSM to be taking a much more harmful substance than they’re expecting, and for clinicians not to recognize the difference.” Hi guys, Below is an article from ‘Pink News’ a couple of days ago regarding the Government thinking of a blanket ban on ‘legal highs’ which could include poppers.

The new products, with exciting and enticing brand names such as “Maximum Impact” can instead cause the damaging health effects associated with less benign inhalants – a rare but fatal arrhythmia in some individuals known as “sudden sniffing death”, delirium in the short term, potentially permanent impairment in memory and executive functioning, and neuropathy.

It is illegal to sell amyl nitrite (poppers) for human consumption in the UK but they are often sold in sex shops and gay venues as “air fresheners”.

On Thursday, the Home Office told Pink News that it was “too early” to say if further restrictions would include poppers and that the scope of a potential blanket ban on legal highs was “still to be decided”.

The report has called for a blanket ban on all brain-altering drugs in a bid to tackle legal highs.

The government said it will consider legislation introduced in Ireland four years ago that bans the sale of all “psychoactive” substances but exempts some, such as alcohol and tobacco.

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