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” “First Date,” season 2’s episode devoted to dating and the apps built around it, makes a point to discuss Dev’s strategy.One of his dates is impressed by the originality of the line, until she learns that it’s his opening line with Unsurprisingly, Dev’s clever line has made its way into the real-life dating world.For example, I became friends with a guy who was house sitting a place I was inspecting to buy,” recounted Stockwell.“I noticed his music taste was the same as mine and liked how he had a quiver of Vans sitting in the cupboard. I ended up being one of his groomsmen, and he’s still one of my best friends today.For example, it might end up that a similar taste in music might be more important than sharing a similar personality trait.” Users on the app then receive a list of potential matches sorted by Affinity Score in descending order, with the highest possible Affinity score to reach set at 1000.

Once the list has been formed, users are able to look into another’s profile to view their similarities and differences, which have been defined by the algorithm.

A user signing up to the app is met with 40 questions used to vet their personality, values and hobbies.

Based on the answers, the platform soon churns out an Affinity Score, which determines how different or similar one user is to another, broken down by 20 different “dimensions”.

“The score allows people to find other like-minded people, but it also makes it possible to create a universal discovery capability where we can recommend almost anything based on what ‘people like you’ did before you,” said Stockwell.

“For example, if you were going on a trip to New York, we could eventually tell you which neighbourhood to stay in, where to eat, what bars to go to, what shows you should see and even what time of year to go.

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