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Check the Oracle Spatial documentation for the syntax of the SDO_GEOM function and use fewer arguments to describe the geometry, or check the description of the SDO_WINDOW package for a workaround that permits storing the object in a table and then using it in as an argument in a call to the SDO_GEOM function. Verify the geometry using the VALIDATE_GEOMETRY_WITH_CONTEXT procedure.A RANGE window is defined by specifying the lower and upper boundary of each dimension as a pair of values (e.g.: lower_bound1,upper_bound1,lower_bound2,upper_bound2,...). If the procedure does not return any errors, note any accompanying errors and contact Oracle Support Services. Validate the geometry using the VALIDATE_GEOMETRY_WITH_CONTEXT procedure.Verify the geometry using the VALIDATE_GEOMETRY_WITH_CONTEXT procedure.If the procedure does not return any errors, note any errors that accompany ORA-13041 and contact Oracle Support Services.The name of the column is given, along with the actual width of the value, and the maximum allowed width of the column.Note that widths are reported in characters if character length semantics are in effect for the column, otherwise widths are reported in bytes.If that fails to correct the problem, contact Oracle Support Services.When a SDO_BUFFER or SDO_AGGR_BUFFER function is called on a geodetic geometry, or SDO_ARC_DENSIFY is called, ARC_TOLERANCE must be specified, and it should not be less than the tolerance specified for the geometry.

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An attempt was made to insert or update a column with a value which is too wide for the width of the destination column.- A string expression in the VALUES clause of an INSERT statement, or the SET clause of an UPDATE statement, does not have the same character set as the column into which the value would be inserted.- A value provided in a DEFAULT clause when creating a table does not have the same character set as declared for the column.Since arcs are connected the end-point of the first is the start of the second and does not have to be repeated.Correct the geometric definition, or set the appropriate SDO_GTYPE or SDO_ETYPE attribute for this geometry.

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