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It is important to understand if you’re involved with a Narcissist, he will never change and is incapable of changing.We realize we do not need this person in our lives to feel whole and complete.On my continued path to healing and regaining my self-worth, I came across your book.It is the most comprehensible book I have read on the subject and I can relate so well to your and more of us are finding ourselves in relationships with people who do not know how to relate to us.I highly recommend finding a non-judgmental therapist trained in emotional abuse, so you can start building a safe relationship with someone who is professionally trained to help.

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2) Narcissistic abuse takes a huge toll on a person's self worth.

This is why survivors unknowingly keep trying harder and harder in their lives—accomplishing, people-pleasing, and proving themselves.

The underlying current of this approval-seeking behavior is that you are somehow "not enough" without it.

I want to be clear that nobody "attracts" or "deserves" abuse, ever.

But here are a few reasons you might see this pattern, and some ways to switch things up: 1) The most obvious answer is that you are probably a trusting, compassionate person. A big open heart can sometimes place love before self-respect, but healthy boundaries help to ensure balance.

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