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As she was facing his feet, he poked his tongue downward toward where her clit should be. He continued to flick her clit, causing her body to throb with each motion of his tongue until she finally fell forward, gasping for breath as feverishly as he had started to do. They spent some time swapping spit before she sat up on him and then grabbed his shirt and pulled it up over his head.

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He prodded the tiny opening of her pee-hole just behind her clit with his tongue, and that finally set her off. Being on the verge, that was all it took for his body to start quaking as he pumped wad after wad of cum into her mouth.

so no disrespect meant to the Fakeclub forum as a whole, leet wieners are everywhere at every type of forum..

F down for a purely subjective reason like "it's cheating" i called it like i saw it...i respect every faker out there who takes the time to fake and shares his/her work...

cheers to ALL RIP members...for this one time, even the leeches.. *lol* it simply means "coolest of the cool guys" or "i'm way more into -insert hobby here- than everyone else in the world" like in the warez community or fakir's circles...

i mean only when the people are rude or too cool.."leet" is "elite"..of course "elite" is still "elite" in every other sense, like pokerplayer really is elite, not leet.... lol in the case in point it referred to the ultra-leet peeps that ragged on ya for doing b w fakes for no reason other than they think it was "cheating" lol...

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