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However, other simulations suggest that in time, Earth’s orbit will decay, it will fall into the Sun and be vaporized.

Given the immense time scales involved with Earth’s formation, evolution, and eventual destruction, humanity is little more than a very recent development – a proverbial “flash in the pan”, if you will.

A "clock" is any geophysical or astronomical process that is changing at a constant rate.

This will lead a lack of vegetation, followed by a loss of oxygen in the atmosphere, triggering a cycle of extinction over the course of several million years.Viewed from the celestial north pole, the motion of Earth and its axial rotation appear counterclockwise.From the vantage point above the north poles of both the Sun and Earth, Earth orbits the Sun in a counterclockwise direction.Within 1 billion years, all water will be gone and the average surface temperature will reach 70 °C (158 °F).Earth is expected to be effectively habitable for about another if the nitrogen is removed from the atmosphere.

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