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And beyond human history, the fossil record confirms this. The first chapter of Genesis records God’s declaration that He created animal life after their kind (Genesis 1.20-25).

No transitional forms will ever be found because God did not design life in this manner. One who will not believe Moses is unlikely to believe the words of Jesus, who has the words of eternal life (John 6.68). Whoever believes in Him will not be disappointed (Romans 10.11).

To complicate matters, “living fossils” remain relatively unchanged throughout their history. Darwin was aware this lacuna posed a significant problem for his theory. No scientific evidence exists which show this occurs.

Then there is that nasty matter of the Cambrian explosion. Lasciate Ogne Prova, Voi Ch’entrate (Abandon All Evidence Ye Who Enter Here) or Problems of Evolution1. But he reasoned, given time, transitional forms would be discovered. Darwin should have recognized this was not a problem more time would resolve. For Darwinism to be true we should find billions of transitional forms for each species in the fossil record. People used to believe in spontaneous generation in which life came from non-life.

They make assumptions and present them as scientific proof for evolution. The useful to prove evolution is a biological record of transitional and transmutational forms. In the early, heady days of evolutionary theory, evolutionists argued scientific facts supported evolution. As a result, to preserve the myth, evolutionists increasingly rely on propaganda, intimidation, and law courts to impose their will.

When evolutionists present scientific facts they are facts which are useless in proving evolution. As more scientific investigation in the life sciences has occurred, scientific evidence for evolution has become increasingly elusive.

Regulatory molecules bind to the switches and recruit RNA polymerase to bind to the gene's promoter region, increasing the transcription of the gene into messenger RNA.

When I state no evidence exists to support evolution I mean exactly this. To give one a sense of how evolutionists think is a quotation by Richard Lewontin, a Harvard evolutionary biologist: Our willingness to accept scientific claims that are against common sense is the key to an understanding of the real struggle between science and the supernatural. We observe that species adapt, mutate, and variate. Evolutionists expand such reasoning into the areas of morphology, cytology, pathology, etc. But again, we confront that nagging problem: no evidence.6. Evolutionists claim the fossil record shows that the simplest fossils are found in the oldest rocks and a smooth and gradual transition exists from one form of life to another. But fossils are regularly found “out-of-place” in the geologic column. While gene expression was similar between humans and chimps in the liver and blood, they showed very different patterns of gene expression in the brain. They are found in Europe somewhat later, from about 1 mya (0.7mya for Britain).

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