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Rainie has always been one to talk openly about her love life since debuting in showbiz.

Prince (stage name 王子 and real name Qiu Sheng Yi 邱勝翊) is a 23 year old member of the newish boy band JPM along with Lil Jay and Modi.And in honor of that, I’ll be doing my first recap ever! So for the basic plot overview: Lin Xiao Ru (Rainie Yang) is dating a pilot Ren Yi Xiang (Kingone Wang), and is expecting a proposal from him in Vegas, while Song Jie Xiu (Joseph Chang) is dating a model/celebrity Tang Ai Wei (Tiffany Xu) whom he proposes to. Nonetheless, I adore Rainie and if she’s happy having some fun I’m happy for her.This cutie pie is a total looker though his acting and singing needs some major work.

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