Romany gypsy dating

Sinolicka Trpkova as Azra also does a fine job as well as Husnija Hasimovic who plays Merdzan.

This movie is a feast for the eye for it contains a good deal of interesting and spectacular imagery and dream scenes which rank up with the best ever filmed.

My favourite is Perhan's first dream, where he dreams about Azra and himself getting married.

Some of the motifs are clearly borrowed from Tarkovski's "Andrey Rublev", yet the music and the scenery are incredible and carry a distinctive gypsy feel which is magic.

His chance soon comes in form of a big time gypsy hustler, the so called Champion Ahmed Djida.

Ahmed and his two brothers, Zef and Sadam, cruise around gypsy settlements looking to recruit potential thieves and hustlers and make money on them.

He has changed and it is apparent also in the way he acts towards Azra.

Since her mother thinks little of Perhan and calls him a bastard, Perhan decides to do anything to prove himself worthy.

The main character is a young gypsy (we later find out that his father was a white Slovenian)named Perhan.

His family consists of the wise and shaman-like grandmother Hatidza, who is played very well by Ljubica Adzovic, hard luck gambler of an uncle Merdzan and his sick sister Danira.

After finding out Danira is still not cured, Perhan seeks revenge over Ahmed.

One of the most touching moments is when Perhan meets his son, named after him.

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