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Xanga first started offering photo uploading on May 1, 2001.Originally, photo uploading was available only to premium members, and was limited to 20 MB of storage (although this was not enforced).However, unlike protected posting, a user can have as many friends as wanted without having to purchase Xanga Premium.Furthermore, a user can have friends who do not need to be on the user's Protected Post list.

Two "e Props" is the maximum amount that can be given.(By default, "2 e Props" is selected on the comment page.) A core part of Xanga is the ability to subscribe to other Xangas.Subscriptions allow Xangans to stay up-to-date on other Xangas to whom they are "subscribed", without needing to manually visit each site.Some members have also chosen to post their entries entirely with pictures and photos.This has been made possible after the introduction to photoblogging.

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