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She also produced a series of home improvement videos.

By the end of 1993, after just nine months, Kurtain Kraft had grossed million.

She then suggested that they participate in a street race with Alex.

Wei bet HK 0,000 as well as Sandra and Vivienne, on him winning, which he did, though not without interference from the police.

Sandra met Wei after he was sent to pick her and Vivienne up by Sonny.

Sandra immediately took interest in Wei, due to him being a "gangster".

At some time she befriended Vivienne Lu, an up and coming starlet.

She later dropped her last name and became known as Sandra Lee.

Lee was the first child of teenagers Wayne Waldroop and Vicky Svitak.

When Sandra was 16, she attended a party on Wallace Chung's yacht.

Sonny Wo, who was also in attendance at the party, attempted to exploit Sandra by getting her to have sex with an elderly man while Sonny watched.

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