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'I've been in this business for 15 f***ing years and you're just starting out, mate. I'm miserable every f***ing day of my life.'Realising that she had upset Chad, Sarah changed her tone of voice, beckoning him to come over. Yet as she found herself getting lost in the moment, the star threw all caution to the wind as she rid herself of the cover and was seen getting VERY hands on with her in-house beau.In the build up to the intimate moment between the pair, Chad had admitted to Sarah that he finds it hard, causing her to ask: 'What, sharing a bed?'.'The older I get, the more scared I am about pregnancy,' admitted Sarah.'I just don't want to be too old that I can't enjoy it.He's devastated she went behind his back.'Sarah was previously seen confessing to having a boyfriend on the outside, though she appeared to play down their romance, claiming they'd only been dating for four weeks.Despite initially vowing she would let things cool off with Chad so she could break things off with her mystery man, her relationship with her co-star continued to go from (shaky) strength to strength.I'm still a big kid in my head - it's just my body I worry about.' Meanwhile, Jemma Lucy is seen to come to blows with Chad over his excessive displays of affection with the Girls Aloud songstress.

'Sarah did not just say fix up look sharp on Big Brother. Reacting to fears for Sarah's well-being during her time in the Celebrity Big Brother house, a Channel 5 spokesperson told Mail Online: 'Big Brother constantly monitors housemates and their behaviour.'And as background briefing, the duty of care to housemates is paramount.' The comments come following an explosive row between the couple on Monday night, which saw Sarah raging at Chad after he appeared not to take her advice. Steamy: Their heated exchange, and then declaration of love, comes after the Girls Aloud singer, 35, was seen cuddling and kissing the shirtless reality star, 30 - before going on to openly fondle his crotch in full view of the camera'You're taking me for granted! 'You're not listening to my advice and you get defensive and it's out of order.'Don't f***ing cross me,' she told Chad as he walked away, before he replied: 'You can't make my life any worse. ' Chad asked, before telling her he's fallen in love with her. Fix up, look f***ing sharp and listen to someone who has had the experience, been there, done that, worn the T-shirt and been persecuted most of her career for it'This came after their very passionate display the night before, where Sarah, clearly cautious at first, had thrown the duvet over herself and Chad to conceal the pair kissing.The Sun reports that the plasterer told friends that the duo had been dating for two months, and he had even moved in with her after falling for her charms.'They were inseparable.He supported her going on Celebrity Big Brother and watched nightly.' With Sarah clearly on his mind, the American hunk then revealed: 'Just... you know...', alluding to going further with the blonde.Getting raunchier as the night went on, Sarah then asked: 'Can you feel that there?

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