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I watched her lick, suck and slurp and slowly taking my shaft into her mouth, sucking at my cock and my tightening ball sack in a way I'd never experienced before.She started to suck me deeper, right into the back of her throat groaning loudly as I did so. Oh Oh Oh suck that dick" I said as the sight of her luscious lips all over my cock had gotten me very horny.I kind of felt the same when dating Michelle but my aunt wasn't the type to cheat on her husband. I could smell the fresh scent of lavender lotion on her body and then caught a glimpse of aunt Kate's nipples as she stood up and apologized for how she acted with one eye tearing."I'm a woman, I have needs for god sake and he fail to fulfill it! Her face suddenly changed from sad to a lusty looking face as she stood there in thought and turned to me. " She asked with a horny look on her face which caught me by surprise. "No aunt Kate that wouldn't feel right" not realising what I just said because I wanted to fuck her real bad."I think I have a slight clue about how much you want to fuck your aunt's pussy" she said with her hand on my leg stroking my thigh until she reached my by rock solid cock.She cupped my balls in her hand and released my throbbing cock from my trousers and using her hands she started to jack me off.She was wearing a towel and told me that she just got out of the shower now as Stephen and his dad went fishing. "I could do with that right now, its so hot outside" I replied while she went to the refrigerator to get us each a glass lemonade.Aunt Kate was somewhere in her 40s but she takes good care of herself as she still had a voluptuous figure,long tanned legs, the ass of a 18 year old and beautiful 36 C cup tits and slim waist that often reminded of Salma Hayek. She knocked the house keys off the kitchen counter and as she bent over to pick it, I saw my aunts ass peeping out from under the towel and she didn't even notice so I just acted like nothing happened.

I can tell you want to fuck me and you will be doing us both a favor" she said while smiling at me. Here I was with a horny milf who happens to be my aunt offering me sex on a plate, how could I refuse?I knew she enjoyed it when she let out a few moans so I spent some time kissing, fondling, sucking and licking her tits and she responded by moaning and trembling.Still touching and kissing her tits, I eased myself after a few minutes and just stood there in front of her looking at her breasts in awe.It was in the summer holidays just after I graduated and I went around to my cousin as I was bored at home.His mommy invited me in and hugged me remarking on how much I'd grown up since my last visit and how handsome I'd become.

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