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A senior at Hempfield High School, in Landisville, Pennsylvania, she is committed to using technology for good.Marian invented a device, a re-purposed land mine detector, which uses sound waves to determine where explosives are located.Initially, the teen couldn’t find anyone to help him: Close to 200 scientists rejected his request for lab space until he convinced a researcher at Johns Hopkins University to be his mentor.With guidance from his mentor, Jack developed a test for early-stage pancreatic cancer that is cheaper, faster, and 100 times more sensitive than previous tests. Jack earned a handful of awards at the 2012 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, including the top prize: a modest ,000.Along with his parents, the teenager runs a nonprofit — Jacob’s Place — to help kids with autism.Jacob strongly believes that his autism helps him in being open to learning and new concepts. She is an 18-year-old scientist and passionate anti-war activist.We’re not talking about using baking soda and vinegar to create a volcano in your high school auditorium.

She told MSNBC: “Years ago, they got connected with an international group of scientists working on a project called RASCAN, developing a holographic radar device for detecting land mines.” Marian added: “I met all of these scientists and talked with them about their work and the land mine issue.

The inexpensive device is a standard metal detector equipped with a seismic vibrator and microphones.

Marian, who is also an avid pianist, said the invention surfaced in her mind when she hit certain notes on the piano and observed the strings of a nearby banjo would vibrate.

Devoting two of his teen years to this challenge, Jack is obviously someone who cares deeply about helping other people. Since Jacob Barnett presented “Forget What You Know” at the 2013 TEDx Teen Talk, it has become the third most popular TEDx Talk of all time. Jacob, with an IQ of 170, taught himself calculus, algebra, geometry, and trigonometry in a week and amazed university professors as he has tackled some of the most advanced concepts in mathematics.

Jacob is a top Master’s student, working towards a Ph D in quantum physics.

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