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Brill stood there thinking how crazy it was that one single photo held the key to Israel’s survival.“We need to launch such an operation to get a single photo of what is happening just over the canal? He could grasp the significance of the intelligence, but something felt wrong.It just didn’t make sense that there wasn’t an easier way to see what was happening a few hundred feet away.Arnan liked the idea but wanted to know what it would cost.Brill didn’t know and, so, together with Barak, he compiled a list: three airplanes, six remote controls, five engines, a few spare tires, and propellers. Arnan approved the budget, and a member of Israel’s defense delegation in New York went to a Manhattan toy store, purchased the equipment, and sent it back to Israel in the embassy’s diplomatic pouch.The feature had been preceded by a short newsreel that included a story about an American Jewish boy who had received a toy airplane as a gift for his bar mitzvah. He remembered that the planes came in different colors, were wireless and pilotless, and could be flown by remote control.What Brill conceived seemed almost too easy: Buy a few remote-control airplanes, attach cameras to their bellies, and fly them over the Suez to photograph Egyptian military positions.Brill knew he would need partners to implement his idea.

he first target was a row of Egyptian military positions located near Ismalia, a town along the Suez and next to Lake Tismah, otherwise known as Crocodile Lake.The “agent” was one of the first Israeli spies to infiltrate Egypt successfully since the end of the Six-Day War a year earlier.He had photos that supposedly would help reveal Egyptian war plans, including possible preparations behind the ceasefire line. Egypt had moved the bridge to less than a mile from the Suez Canal, the strategic waterway that connected the world of commerce but separated Egypt from the territory it had lost to Israel during the Six-Day War.First, since there were potholes everywhere, it was difficult to find a piece of road that could function as a runway.After the discovery of a 100-foot airstrip, takeoff was finally approved.

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