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If you can't download Zipit, you might not have enough room on your phone. You could get rid of some old apps you don't use anymore and then try downloading it again.

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It has also been reported that emojis for a lightning bolt and a heart refer to ecstasy.

Miss Dooley said: 'I fear it is going to take something very tragic to happen to these kids before [location app] Yellow, Instagram and Snapchat wake up and take action.

Parenting teenagers can be daunting (and you thought toddlers was bad). Well, it's mostly because the raison d'etre of adolescence is to break free - to deconstruct your parents, and (naturally) to find them wanting.

None of us can stay tied to the apron strings for ever - you didn't, I didn't, and our kids won't either.

A second, 16-year-old 'Tai', was contacted via Snapchat and agreed to do a deal for six MDMA pills at Croydon station.The programme tested reporting tools on Instagram, Snapchat and Yellow, highlighting three drug-dealing users, but 72 hours later, all the accounts were still active.Stacey Dooley Investigates: Kids Selling Drugs Online is available on the BBC Three website.One of the country's largest drug gangs told a BBC documentary 75 per cent of their takings now come through social media transactions, using 'digital-savvy' school pupils.Film-maker Stacey Dooley confronted the young dealers, highlighting the ease with which illegal transactions can be arranged.

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