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"I found her someone and she married shortly afterwards," she recalls."She later came to a party for the 25th anniversary of the agency and asked if I could sign her on again because she was now divorced. There were no average types." Soon, Stella had converted a bedroom of the family home from which to run her office."I just got on with it and decided I would deal with problems as they arose." Such was her determination that her first matchmaking attempts took place in the maternity wing of her hospital, where she had just given birth to her daughter.

"Old men always want a young dolly bird, and the plainest girls still like to think they can get themselves a millionaire," says Stella waspishly.Each came for a personal interview, with Stella carefully jotting down their age, hobbies and preferences into a notebook."I didn't really have the foggiest idea what I was doing," she says now."I knew within a month that I'd made a dreadful mistake.We had nothing in common and simply couldn't communicate.

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