Sex dating in long point illinois

Regnerus asserts that modern mating dynamics make it hard for people to find a relationship that seems worth committing to; Finkel argues that when marriages manage to live up to today’s lofty expectations, they can be extremely fulfilling.

He’s right that it can be hard to escape these old gender dynamics when dating, especially online dating.

Regnerus’s underlying premise is sound: Many studies have found that, on average, men want sex more than women, and women value having sex in the context of commitment more than men do (though of course individuals differ).

Still, throughout the book, Regnerus takes this theory pretty far.

Regnerus also argues that the easy availability of sex makes men less motivated in their professional lives, because they don’t need to become successful, i.e., marriageable, to woo women to their beds.

While this may sound dubious, there is an established precedent for this theory in the field.

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