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I don’t remember exactly what symptoms brought her to treatment, but one of her problems was repeated difficulties in dating relationships.One particular Monday evening she was especially distraught and angry.“Men HATE and FEAR confident women.” “Men only want beauty queens.” “All men want is sex,” (this from a 60-year-old woman,) “Women just want a meal-ticket,” “Women like to ridicule men and make them feel small.” “I have been internet dating for 8 years. There are decent men and women who behave decently.Many of the people we know seem to fit comfortably in partnerships that do not require one person to be berated or belittled by the other.Freshly dumped and deeply despondent over what seems to be an endless string of disastrous relationships, lovelorn filmmaker Chris Waitt attempts to root out the source of his romantic woes by tracking down each of his ex-girlfriends and asking them point blank about his shortcomings as a boyfriend.The answers Waitt receives are frequently as pointed as his questions, providing unguarded insight into the psyche of a self-absorbed, semi-delusional Lothario who rarely managed to arrive for a date on time much less follow through on his pillow-talk promises.Every once in a while, a reader writes in to remind me that it is possible for single people to live happily.I know this is true, but these others whom I am writing about do not wish to remain single.

A la fin du tournage de son documentaire, Chris Waitt a dressé un bilan plus que mitigé de l'expérience qu'il a vécue: "Le projet s'est avéré particulièrement douloureux et humiliant, pour à peu près tous ceux qui ont été impliqués" confie-t-il, heureux de préciser qu'il va mieux aujourd'hui et qu'il espère transformer son humiliation et sa peine en "une source de distraction pour ceux qui verront le film".What I mean is, can we believe that this woman is really telling us what under cesspool-type conditions?I saw a woman, Thelma, in psychotherapy twice a week, on Monday and Thursday evenings.Later taken to task by his own mother, the long-suffering relationship bungler eventually turns to therapy, acupuncture, and even Viagra in hopes of learning the secrets to loving like a true grown-up. Afin d'évoluer et d'éviter ces déconvenues à l'avenir, il a décidé de rencontrer ses ex-compagnes et de leur demander des explications:...

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