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If an invite never comes then it may be time to consider the reality of the situation.5. Tumblr If the intimacy in your relationship has been replaced with friendly banter or playful high fives you should take it as a clear sign that something is wrong.In order for a relationship to last it’s important to keep the spark alive.If your partner is letting your flame slowly burn out it could be what they’re waiting for.Tumblr We’ve all seen it in the movies — the partner who’s having a secret affair or hiding feelings from their partner. If you notice your guy or gal sneakily checking their phone, quickly logging out of Facebook, going out with unheard of friends or not sharing their plans, then it's time to consider the bigger picture.7. Word Press Playful banter is one thing, but if your partner threatens to leave you or jokes about breaking up then it could be because it’s on their mind.You should be able to disagree and have a conversation." RELATED: 10 Ways to Improve Your Relationship Instantly "Having the expectation that anything will set them off is not only a clue that abuse is going on, it vastly limits your intimacy such that you aren’t having much of a real relationship anyway." "The abusive partner needs to be the center of your universe at all times; when you comply you slowly start to dissolve until you are just their appendage.It's harder to get out once you have lost yourself."After being hurtful or mean it’s often followed with apologies and professions of love, like " "In an attempt to control you, it may be impossible to disagree without it quickly turning into a fight.The point is to intimidate you into not disagreeing, but going along.

In other words, to feel better about their self they'll stop recognizing your efforts and love.Then, she suggests that you continue your other relationships and "point out when your partner has been critical or undermining.Be clear you respect yourself and that you expect the same respect from them." If the abuse continues, ask your partner to go to therapy."It is the use of power to hurt the other and to control the other, and early signs are often the same as early signs of any abuse." Here, Dr.Saltz shares the warning signs that your partner is emotionally abusive: "Examples are the partner who removes you or creates distance in your friendships and other family relationships by expressing jealousy and dislike of time you spend with them, pulling you further into a place of only you and them,” she says.

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