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Have you always been attracted to younger guys, even before you started swinging? How will any purchases made from your web sites appear on my bank statement? All foreign orders are shipped via International First Class Mail, and delivery time varies from one country to another. As married woman with a family and nosey neighbors myself, I understand the need for discretion and your personal privacy is very important to me.

Are you sexually attracted solely to dark, well-hung black men and young, college-age white other guys have a chance with you, too? As such, all items purcahsed from my store are packaged in plain white or brown shipping containers (either envelopes or boxes, as appropriate to the order).

We already have to travel to DC ourselves - we will not travel to your area.

Appearance: It goes without saying that the more fit and hung you are, the more photogenic you will be and the more likely that you will be invited to particpate in a shoot.

In essence , you would be "sponsoring" a shoot, paying all costs involved, for the privilege of living out your fantasy of watching a live shoot.

For basic information, just click here to email Steve & I and we will get back to you. I'm always looking for attractive guys, gals or couples to join me on camera.

How will any purchases made from your web site appear on my bank statement? Do you operate your web site full-time, for a living? What made you and Steve decide to start your own web sites and how did you begin?Any orders that are restricted by your country will NOT be refunded.If you'd like to know if I've successfully shipped orders to your country in the past, please feel free to ask.I do not produce any paper/postal mailings of any kind.It's possible, in rare cases, if the guys or gals I'm shooting with are OK with it...however, only for a fee, NOT for free.

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