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Most of them will do it rudely or with lots of tears, hurt and pain, actually some even end up as cat fights.

Now imagine this service was operational in Kenya, our very own motherland.

Learn more Our Private Label SMS Marketing program in Kenya allows you to white label the best text message marketing platform in the business. Scheduled message delivery to allow campaign/event planning.

When you join our Free Private Label Program you can have a Bulk SMS Website with your own branding, set your own pricing and contact information. Money back guarantee – we will send you a refund for your unused SMS credits if you are in any way unhappy with the service provided. Keep track of what, when and to whom your messages have been sent.

There will be less of those ‘business trips’, less of heartache to we women and men too and discomfort of a new lady in the house to be the new ruler.

Most importantly, it helps to check if the phone is still active in terms of numbers validity, barred, original network name, ported number to other mobile network and etc. Allows you to send thousands of SMS with one click.

Knowing which mobile numbers are in use and available in Kenya, or which network your client is currently using can greatly improve accuracy and cost effectiveness for many types of businesses. Flexible Sender ID settings to cater for different messages.

Globex Cam SMS aims to provide a standard platform to allow clients in Kenya to quickly deploy any SMS service.

This includes SMS alerts, SMS competitions, SMS voting, SMS information services, SMS dating services, SMS marketing campaigns or SMS for CRM.

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