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These relationships arise out of situations such as deployment and living on base which can take anything from a few weeks to a few years..Customer from Oklahoma City, OK, US I have a demanding career and a young child so meeting someone seemed impossible.Best of luck to all of you, and be patient it will happen :-) Customer from Nashville, TN, US I am happily married now.He recently disclosed to his parents that he has a non-Afghan girlfriend and that he will never marry an Afghan girl.

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These two attributes can make the difference between life and death when in combat.I haven t met his friends yet, but I have seen him out with them.It shows that he has strong ideals, he believes in them and is willing to do anything for these principles.If that s the case, fine, but don t toy around with non-Christian men when you know right from the start that you are setting EVERYONE (you, him, and all of your children) up for heartbreak and difficulty.It s not like there aren t tons of single Christian men out there.

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