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I suspect she will be freshened and be there at the finish with Camacho up.5 Win & Place (one can hope for the chalky favorite to fail again) 2 Harvatt does little with Layoffs and Shippers but El Grande Rojo (3) appears to be one that we must make an exception with.Therefore, by my fuzzy math, Vienna Rose went 8 above today’s par.Gets my action one more time at rock bottom over a FAST surface.As you may recall, your humble handicapper was at the track that day and things deteriorated demonstrably after the 4.

Bramble Queen (3) made big final fractions ( 16 and 5) in only two tries on the grass and Mike is 69% ITM with his three characteristic MATP.Bennetts even money, Taipans Advantage and the 2 Durr has bombed 4 times here with Weekend Appeal (6) recently and claimed her back after a few tries for Mr. Sharp work at the Williston Mile hints at condition.Was beaten by Marmalade, a winner of 7 and an up close finisher entered for K in previous and has competed with the 1 & 5 who have already hit the board at good odds.Exacta Key Box 5/1,2,9 Saver DD 5/All to cover if alive in the P4 after two legs.10 Hemingway has not bombed yet with 10 starts in the books.

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