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Dresser (Eeporter) 197 Eeport of the Committee on Earthquakes in Scotland.

By a Committee, consisting of Sir John Boa^-ring, F.

S ( /^ REPORT OF THE FORTY-FIRST MEETING OV THE \ ^X^^i T^^'- . PKINTED BY TAYLOR AND FRANCIS, RKD LION COURT, FLEKT STREET. 'X'VW'V/x^ Page Objects and Eules of the Association xvii Places of Meeting and Officers from commencement xxiv Presidents and Secretaries of the Sections of the Association from commencement xsx Evening Lectures yyxiy Lectures to the Operative Classes xli Table showing the Attendance and Receipts at previous Meetings . xlii Treasurer's Account xliv Officers and Council, 1871-72 xlv Officers of Sectional Committees xlvi Eeport of the Council to the General Committee slvii Eeport of the Kew Committee, 1870-71 1 Recommendations of the General Committee for Additional Reports and Researches in Science ....


S 59 Report of the Committee for discussing Observations of Lunar Objects suspected of Change.

Webb and Edward Crossley, Secretary CO Second Provisional Report on the Thermal Conductivity of Metals. Tait 97 Report on the Rainfall of the British Isles, by a Committee, consisting of C.

S 53 Report of the Committee appointed at the Meeting of the British Asso- ciation at Liverpool, 1870, consisting of Prof.

Waley, with Edmund Macrory as their Secretary, " for the purpose of urging upon Her Majesty's Government the expediency of arranging and tabulating the resi Uts of the approaching Census in the three several parts of the United Kingdom in such a manner as to admit of ready and effective comparison " 57 Report of the Committee appointed for the purpose of Superintending the Publication of Abstracts of Chemical Papers.

S., of the Royal Observa- tory, Greenwich, Robert P. Beough 197 Eeport on the best means of providing for a uniformity of Weights and Measures, with reference to the Interests of Science. 198 Eeport of the Committee appointed for the purpose of promoting the extension, improvement, and harmonic analysis of Tidal Observations. S 145 Eeport of the Committee appointed to get cut and prepared Sections of Mountain-Limestone Corals for the purpose of showing their Struc- ture by means of Photography. S 165 Second Eeport of the Committee appointed to consider and report on the various Plans proposed for Legislating on the subject of Steam-Boiler Explosions, with a view to their Prevention, — the Committee consisting of Sir William Fairbairn, Bart., C.

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