Speed dating kuala lumpur america

I love deep constructive conversations, literature, long romantic walks, long breakfast, long dinners, chocolate, tea, coffee, wine, and cheese with culinary delights, self kitchen explorer, enjoying long walks surrounded by nature, visits to museums, art exhibitions, amateur gigs, but also workout my weekly program at the gym, and attend my spa sessions too! Well, at the moment something that could be long-term, but not into drama's, no-strings attached, to discuss, experience, explore, discover, rediscover on a global scale...! S: One liners, non introductory messages will not be accommodated!!!

Send Message Ref ID:1a0e53e3-3d2d-4426-9177-6475b6fbfad8 I am a Hong Kong Resident last 6 years Non-Smoker 6' 2" looking forward to meeting friendly funloving Intelligent women age no bar nonracist.

You are a professional maybe in law, in management, marketing, finance, science, creative field or technology and the likes, curious, interested in the world of food & cultures, charismatic, who understands the meaning of all these keywords, who has experienced globalisation in their studies & work, as this matters very much!

The objective here is to discover, reach, and pleasure through combined connections of mind, soul and to explore new frontiers together from the old towards the new year.

So don't be shy and miss this opportunity of a lifetime to be happy together.I never had time for facebook, twitter, aimless internet surfing, tinder as such or TV program swapping, or watching a movie and doing 1000 other things at the same time!Well, I haven’t a TV at the moment, and I rather prefer to focus during my minimal leisure time on the diverse hobbies and interests that I have!I utilised all the opportunities I had to discover Hong Kong's: trekking routes, underwater, above water, its culinary diversity, its markets, its culture, its arts!Hong Kong was an experience, that I value to this day as I met lots of people some with global visions.

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